just dancing.

I’ve made this collage of some of my favorite photographs. Half of them are Jerome Robbins and co in rehearsal for West Side Story and the other half old skate ads and other photographs from Transworld and such. The photographs are strikingly parallel in their beauty, so much so that if you squint it becomes unclear what is what, and when is when, and who is who. I always think about that principle of a good leader not being the person who always has the best ideas, but the wisdom to identify them from any source. I think that’s the same when it comes to making and appreciating art. the difference between a good artist and a great artist being the wisdom to identify fierce creativity and beauty from any source. I tried to place the photographs to allow them to create pictures and stories with one another. Lenwood Morris and Mike Carroll in a serene pas de deux. or Mike and Rick Howard gracefully reaching for each other almost resembling the Creation of Adam; sending their energy through the tips of their fingers with such power that it’s nearly tangible. It would make any ballet teacher cry! I think it’s so beautiful and that maybe if the sk8er boy and the girl who did ballet that Avril Lavigne told us about would’ve been more open to each other from the beginning there would’ve been way less drama as they would’ve seen that they’re both just dancing. Maybe if we’re all more open to each other from the beginning we’ll see it too. That we’re all just dancing.