Princess Diaries! Meet Nina White.

Nina is a midwesterner, bagel enjoyer, and generally very cool girl, currently playing the role of Teresa in Kimberly Akimbo at the Booth Theatre. We recently equipped her with a few disposable cameras to get a behind the scenes look into her life. You can check out those photos and get to know a bit about Nina right here!

Portrait taken of me by my dressing room companion, Liv. A lot of dead flowers because my brain is like the magic eraser and my executive functioning skills are LOW.

My Bagel order is…

Toasted everything with scallion cream cheese.

A person, place, or thing in New York that reminds me of home is…

I have a few friends from my hometown who also live here now. We have known each other for well over a decade. It’s hard to be fake with people who have known you that long. The pressure to be “on” isn’t present when we spend time together. I am very deeply grateful for the friendships that I have carried with me from youth into young adulthood. Those bitches know me and I know them. I think we bring each other a lot of comfort.

The first show ever performed in was…

I was in a Summer youth theatre production of HONK JR.

My favorite thing about being on Broadway is…

If I think too hard about how I am originating a role on Broadway, it kind of breaks my brain. I am not sure I could tell you what the best part is, as that would require a level of reflection that may send me into an existential spiral for days. I am in shock that I am on Broadway, even more in shock that it is in this beautiful show that I absolutely am in love with. I am not sure I am going to be able to process this experience until way after it is finished. In the most sincere sense, I am just happy to be here. Holy cannoli.

The best thing about being my current age is…

I genuinely feel a lot wiser than I did just a few years ago. Mentally, graduating college felt like living through a second puberty. I feel just recently like I may be coming to the end of that period of transition. I’m sure I am wrong. But I feel so much more settled in myself than I did when I was 21 or even 22.

Something I remember wishing for as a kid on a star or a candle is…

I would wish to be a cheerleader. Seriously. For years. This is not an exaggeration. I would literally close my eyes, blow out the candles, and wish to be a cheerleader when I grew up. What the heck?

Signing posters to sell for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!
Fernell Hogan! coming to chit chat in the dressing room.
Olivia Hardy chillin backstage next to the giant arrow pointing Justin Cooley to the basement (he has an entrance that requires him to go down there in a very speedy manner and he used to miss the turn)
Fern signing up for secret Santa!
Gotta have the thumbs up baby! Michael Iskander, Justin Cooley, and Olivia hardy <3
My kitchen … she’s messy but she’s kind (no dishwasher, tragic!)
I am a bagel woman!!!! Taken at Liberty Bagels in Midtown. The line was heinously long but it tasted so good.
Vicki Clark and Justin Cooley putting their dollars into ASM Kate Wellhofer’s Dollar Friday bucket. I did win a few weeks ago. Gambling addiction loading.
Michael and Skye Friedman lacing up their skates for pre-show skate call
I love Junior’s.
Eating with my crush Gian Perez and my dear friend Pedro Hernandez at the Times Square Olive Garden. I absolutely non-ironically love the Olive Garden.
My crush Gian with his guitar on his Washington Heights street.
Johnny, our props man. Crotchety comedy legend.
Bonnie Milligan nailing it.
Began a balaclava with the big purple ball of yarn. Took me an hour to wind it into that there ball!
My beautiful friend Sydney at a K-Town Karaoke bar.
Liv in her typical state of rest between shows. Beanbag from the Atlantic theatre Co production of Kimberly Akimbo. Sleeping bag from me.
Getting ready for a photoshoot with American Studies Magazine! Absolutely living my little house on the prairie fantasy in this dress. I felt famous on this day, I can’t even lie to you.
Justin and Liv giving “Disney Knees” on the set of American Studies Mag
My dear friend Noah moving into a new apartment!
Dearest friend and roommate Emma lounging on our couch.
The Understudy lounge <3 the coziest place in the whole building!
Justin and I having red lobster for the first time in our lives, between shows.
Cat destroyed my plant… Emma is a true friend helping me pick up the pieces.
I love this tiny cookbook store in the East Villy.
Coco Lopez reminds me of coquito, a Puerto Rican holiday drink that I have been introduced to by my boyfriend. I could put it in an IV. <3
Jakeim Hart, Gian, and Pat prepping to play Bowery Electric.
LAKES absolutely tearing it up at Bowery Electric !!
Gian and Anthony after the gig.

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