In Attendance: Nick Blaemire

Foreword by Van Hughes
Nick and I met doing the first Book of Mormon workshop in the late 2000s. However, we didn't become friends until 2015, when he cast me to star in his musical A Little More Alive. I had always wanted to know an artist like me, who was an actor but wanted to make their own work that could stand alone and not be a traditional musical. Nick was the guy then, and still is! We ended up collaborating musically and a few years later, we started writing our own show, Space Dogs. During this process, Nick was always ready to play, make each other laugh, and explore how to uniquely tell this amazing story. We're very similar in this way. His energy knows no bounds, and his ability to strive for clarity is unmatched. He's also so beloved by so many people that we were able to receive tremendous support on our artistic endeavors –  I believe we made three albums together during the shutdown of the early pandemic. He’s an inspiration because there's always something brewing, and he welcomes healthy collaboration. The guy is prolific! And a dreamer. I love making stuff with Nick! He's my comrade in art.

By Van Hughes

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