In Attendance: Noah Kieserman

Foreword by Samantha Williams
Noah and i met during the tour of Dear Evan Hansen. Not only is he a brilliant actor, singer, and writer1, he is an INCREDIBLE friend. He lights up any room he enters and he always knows exactly what to say. I am truly so lucky to know him. He is family. 

The Clown Report

Established from The Upper West Side of New York City

Things Noah Kieserman is rocking with right now

Paul Thomas Anderson

Neutral tones

Oat milk


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story 

Rushing water


Spicy tuna rolls 

Sean Watkinson

LaCie hard drive

Hazelnut scent

Lizzie McGuire

Hot chocolate 

The Big Picture podcast

Monologuing to self

Prioritizing general existence over career pursuits


Knoebels theme park

Theodore Twombly

Plates app 

Dr Hauschkas revitalizing lotion

In Pursuit of…


To see (or not to see :/), reccomendations

TAR. By Todd Field.2 
The Rehearsal. By Nathan Fielder.3
Kristine from the Seventh Grade. By Ben Folds.4 

By Noah Kieserman5, edited by Nini Kourkouliotis.

Noah is an evil genius of musical theatre and in my opinion one of the most intelligent and creative writers of music of our time! Whenever Im struggling to write I instinctively listen to his songs as to create a subconscious marker of “good music.” (Justice for Shel the Musical.)