In Attendance: Diana Rendon

Foreword by Nile Andah

Diana is quite simply one of the most incredible humans I know. She's always an open ear, a confidante, and a fierce hugger when I need her to be. They are simply one of those people who I know I can go to with anything, at any time of day. Diana is someone who loves their friends fiercely; My life has been so enriched for the past several years because of it. She also makes incredible art and is one of the most talented and hardworking people I know. It’s genuinely really difficult for me to dwindle how much I love her into a few words, because so many thoughts come to mind.

The Clown Report

Things Diana Rendon is rocking with right now


Hannah Montana

The smell of bread in the toaster

Weather App



Amy March, as imagined by Greta Gerwig

The sound of my roommates getting home


Weird/funky art

Low rise Doc Martens

Playwrights Horizons Theater Schools third floor bathroom

My little Lego of my best friend Jamie 

Lactaid brand lactose free milk

Lynn Nottage


By Diana Rendon1, edited by Nini Kourkouliotis.