In Attendance: Tess Lovell

Foreword by Nini Kourkouliotis

Tess connects to the world around her by engaging in her curiosity while eating lunch on ground, July 2022.
I met Tess, who by the way has never seen Camp Rock, this June. I remember the first time I saw her thinking that she was the epitome of the cool girl that a younger me wished I would one day grow into. Tess is also the cool girl that I wish I could be now. And tomorrow. Being like Tess is pretty much my five year plan. That's a very special kind of thing to pull off and very rare; To be cool in a way that holds up over multiple decades and eras and trends. It may sound super cheesy but I think it's because she sort of ignores and defies things like trend cycles. She is the ultimate poster girl of the "just be yourself and it will pay off concept". She's so intelligent and funny and talented all with that effortless kind of flare. Her personality and sense of humor is like the “I woke up like this” type of beauty (which she also has), of personalities and senses of humor. It's like “I popped out of the womb like this.” The thing about Tess is that she has this sense about her like she knows how and why things happen in a non obstructive kind of way. It's like, you know when magicians say they can't tell you how a trick works, because it would ruin the magic? She seems like if she knew how every trick worked she would still find it magical. Maybe even more. She knows the structural reasons why a joke is funny and it still makes her laugh. 

The Clown Report

Established from the reading room of Olin Library at Cornell, Ithaca, New York

Things Tess Lovell is rocking with right now
Vegan Chocolate Cake 

Sam Harris




Brushing through my Eyebrows

Little Crystal Chunks used as Pendants

Soy Milk

The Sound of a Candy Wrapper Crinkling

Embracing Impermanence

My Cousins old house in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Frances Halladay

The Smell of Apple Crumble

Timothee Chalamet


Filing my Nails

The Science of Sleep
In Pursuit of…
Being able to find stability and peace amongst Discomfort. And Whatever might unfold on The D’Amelio Show.
To See (or not to see :/)
The D’Amelio Show. Fascinated and Obsessed. 

By Tess Lovell1, edited by Nini Kourkouliotis.