In Attendance: Phoebe Golfinos

Foreword by Rachel Malaga

Phoebe and I met at TPAP (The Performing Arts Project) this past summer. My first impression was I thought she was really funny and cool. And I was very correct in that impression. Phoebe can make me laugh so hard I can’t breathe, specifically with her Buddy from Cake Boss impression. Phoebe is a great friend and great listener1. She is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met but also someone I have bared my soul to on multiple occasions. Her energy is infectious. There are people who enter your life that you know will always be part of you, and Pheebs is one of those people for me.

The Clown Report
Things Phoebe Golfinos is rocking with right now 

Established in London, England. 
Linen Pants

The smell of new tennis balls

Mike Wazowski

Cutting my cuticles

Tuna Sashimi

The tops of creams with pointy ends that puncture the seal when you first open them


Austin Powers 

The sounds of a dogs paws pads


Inter-species relationships

Consulting my invisible audience 

Rule number 1: dont panic

Macadamia milk

Phoebe Waller Bridge 

This special bean bag chaise in one of my best friends’ living rooms

The word chaise

Childlike enthusiasm

By Phoebe Golfinos2, edited by Nini Kourkouliotis.
I was also at TPAP this summer, and infamously had much trouble keeping track of my dorm key. One night I locked myself out and Pheeb found me in the hallway and invited me in to her room to sleep in the open bed. She gave me a pillow from under her own head.